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Embrace a Softer Side to Success


“Driven." "Ambitious." "Resilient." Years ago, when I asked my friends to sum me up in one word, those were their choices. And they were right. I embodied all those qualities. During my career in audit and risk management, I’ve developed skills that perfectly align with coaching such as thorough analysis, strategic thinking, and a proactive approach to challenges. My work is rooted in the principles of Human Design and risk management, harmoniously blended to bring calmness to the chaos of life.

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Alignment Coaching and Human Design Services

Align and Design 

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Created specifically for ambitious women who struggle with perfectionism, constantly push past their limits, and really need to secure their own oxygen mask before helping others. Alignment Coaching is all about easing the pressures of overachievement by creating a safe space where you can gently discover and assert your authentic self. It’s a space where you can embrace who you are destined to be, not who you're pressured to become.

With options for a 3-month or 6-month commitment, we can customize a plan, based on your Human Design, to reflect your personal desires and ambitions. Our coaching sessions are not just about accomplishing professional milestones; they're about transforming your approach to success to ensure it nourishes rather than depletes you. We will explore how you can align your ambitions with genuine self-care and confident self-expression.

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The Alignment Audit


Human Design is an insightful framework that helps you understand your unique makeup. By mapping out your personal energy patterns, you can discover the most natural ways for you to make decisions and interact with the world. The beauty of Human Design is how it encourages you to cultivate your gifts and strengths while simultaneously giving you permission to stop striving toward things that don't come easily for you. Think of it as a tool for enhancing self-awareness, living your life with purpose, aligned with the values and principles that matter most to you. Because Human Design is a journey and we are all at different stages, I offer two types of readings tailored to different knowledge levels.

Are you ready to Authentically Align with your Human Design?

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Ready to go deeper? This 60-minute reading is perfect for those who are ready to discover the extensive aspects of their Human Design. We’ll study your Type, Strategy, Authority, Profile, Incarnation Cross, and Channels. By understanding these elements, you'll gain a comprehensive insight into your specific strengths. You will also have a deeper understanding of your unique gifts and infinite life potential.

Human Design Reading

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Dive into the fundamentals of Human Design with this introductory session, designed especially for beginners. During this 30-minute reading, we’ll explore your core elements: Type, Strategy, and Authority. These foundational aspects are key to revealing your design and can significantly change how you manage life’s challenges.

Human Design Mini Reading

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Embracing Your Truth with Human Design

Explore empowering content on topics such as alignment, self-care, Human Design, neurodiversity, and personal growth — all through the lens of the unique experiences of black women. 

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