I want you to chase what really lights you up!

We will get real and go deep, not only diving into your accolades, but the very essence of your soul’s design that truly defines you. We’ll peel back the layers of 'shoulds' and 'supposed tos' that have piled up over the years and get to the heart of your personal truth.

The goal is to guide you back to your own lane— away from the shadow of everyone else’s. We will uncover and celebrate your unique path, because truly owning and rocking your truth? That’s liberation.

I’m here to help you set your own pace, define your unique version of success, and live life by your rules. 

“Driven.” “Ambitious.” “Resilient.” Years ago, when I asked my friends for one word to describe me, those are the answers I got. And it was true. I was all of those things. As a driven, ambitious woman, I was all about chasing success—ticking off goals, managing everything and everyone... except for myself. Something felt off. Eventually, I reached my limit, hit burnout, and realized something had to give.

I had to come to the realization that no course I could buy or book I could read would alleviate the pressure I put on myself. I needed to be gentler with myself and the unique challenges my ADHD brought me. I had to dig deep, getting into therapy and coaching to find my way out. And let me tell you, on this journey, I discovered a path that was truly mine.

That journey changed my life. It led me to Human Design, where I not only found my calling but also the tools to transform my life—and now I’m here to pass those tools down to you.

More importantly, those shoes you’re wearing honey? I’ve walked in them too.

I help women awaken self-love through self-knowledge. 

It’s time to shed that unattainable perfectionism and sidestep burnout. We’re going to align your life with the REAL YOU—cultivating habits and mindsets that support your career, sprinkle joy, boost your mental health, and enhance your overall well-being.

As your coach, I want you to thrive, not just survive!  

– Lisa R

"When it was time for my call with Alexis, I was emotionally devastated. I was completely overwhelmed—scared, crying, shaking. I thought about canceling, but luckily, I didn’t. The second Alexis greeted me and asked about my day, I burst into tears. From that first moment, she embraced me, holding space and energy for me throughout the entire call. Alexis gently supported me, guiding me to where I needed to go. She showed me that there is actually room for me to be myself in my own life. Decades of trying to turn myself into what others expected are over. I recommend Alexis with all my heart. She is a true gem."

"I recommend Alexis with all my heart. She is a true gem."

Originally from Cincinnati, my move to NYC in my late 20s was a whole lot more than a change of scenery—it was my jump into deep personal growth and real independence. While I was nailing it in my corporate career in audit and risk management, the non-stop pressure to keep up started wearing me down, leading straight to burnout.

Then, when the world hit pause during the pandemic, my life of hustle and city buzz was swapped for serious reflection time alone in my apartment. This unexpected break turned into major moments for thinking deeply about what truly mattered.

Trust me, I know firsthand the weight of expectations that high-achieving black women carry.

Honey, you no longer have to outsource your validation. You are worthy just as you are.

This isn’t my profession; it’s my PASSION and CALLING. 

It was only when I learned about Human Design that my transformation really took off. I discovered there's another way to win—a way that embraces my unique energies and needs. Human Design helped me to love who I am, not who I think I should be. After getting the support I needed, I felt a strong pull to lift up other Black women dealing with the same struggles.

Throughout my academic and professional journey, I have been fiercely committed to fostering inclusivity and support for Black communities. This dedication began in college when I led the introduction of the National Association of Black Accountants, aiming to create a more inclusive environment within the College of Business. My commitment extended into my professional life where I’ve continuously worked to form networks and spaces that serve as safe havens for Black colleagues and peers. From organizing payday Friday lunches to establishing a supportive chat group for Black auditors, I have strived to create environments where Black individuals feel seen, supported, and valued.

In my coaching practice, this commitment translates into providing a safe, supportive space where black women can explore their identities, confront their challenges, and celebrate their successes without fear of judgment or misunderstanding.

Did you know my love for professional wrestling comes from my grandmother? Yep, she was the original fan in the family! We'd hit up our local Buffalo Wild Wings to catch the pay-per-views, bonding over body slams and smackdowns. This was one of my favorite family traditions. 

Wrestling with Joy

I thrive on connecting with my community and digging my hands into something creative. Whether it’s attending workshops at a black-owned event space in D.C., practicing serene forest bathing, or hitting up a yoga class, I'm all about new experiences that bring us together and ground us in nature.

Community & Creativity

Museums, cultural centers, and brunch spots are my go-to places for a burst of inspiration. I love exploring new exhibits or enjoying a lively brunch with friends. I enjoy making the most of the daylight, learning something new, or just savoring good food and great company.

Cultured Days and Creative Mornings

Adopting my dog, Waffle, marks a unique and heartfelt milestone in my life. Although it may seem trivial to some, choosing Waffle was a significant decision guided by careful consideration of my strategy and authority. Choosing Waffle is a reflection of my journey toward self-awareness. He brings immeasurable joy and companionship, embodying the everyday victories that enhance our overall happiness and well-being.

Waffle, My Champion

Behind the Curtain: Fun Facts 


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