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For high-functioning women constantly hitting obstacles, this reading is foundational. It helps you work with your natural strengths rather than against them. 

Imagine making life easier and more fulfilling just by understanding and embracing how you're designed to operate. That’s the real benefit of starting here.

Duration: 1 x 30-minute appointment via Zoom

Deliverables: Audio recording of the session and a PDF of your Human Design Chart


Improve how you make decisions. By understanding your authority, you'll learn to trust your instincts, making choices that feel right and avoiding regrets.


 Learn how to move through life more smoothly by following your unique strategy. This reveals when to make moves and when to pause, helping you spot the right opportunities for you.


Learning this will help you understand how to use your energy better. You'll see why some activities feel draining and others energize you, helping you choose where to focus your efforts more effectively.


Start your Human Design journey with a straightforward 30-minute reading, perfect for beginners or if you're just feeling a bit lost with all the info out there. In this reading, we will focus on your Type, Strategy, and Authority. Think of these as your personal power trio that lay the foundation for ground-breaking growth.

Human Design Mini-Reading


This extended session provides a full picture of who you are, according to Human Design. It will equip you with deeper insights into how you can align your life’s actions with your unique gifts.  

Take the next step in creating a life that truly reflects your individuality, using your Human Design to fulfill your deepest desires. 

1 x 60-minute appointment via Zoom

Audio recording of the session and a PDF of your Human Design Chart


Discover the specific energies and talents that are your strong suits. We’ll identify how these can be used to optimize your personal and professional growth.


Here, we explore the central theme of your life's purpose, providing clarity on how to align your daily actions with your deeper goals for genuine fulfillment.

Incarnation Cross

This aspect helps you understand your personality traits and interaction styles, empowering you to navigate your social and professional environments more effectively.


Step into a 60-minute journey of self-discovery created for those who are familiar with their Type, Strategy, and Authority and are ready to dive deeper into their Human Design. This session is perfect for women looking to use their innate gifts and live a life of ease and grace. We'll explore not only your foundational elements but also your Profile, Incarnation Cross, and Channels to provide a holistic view of your unique strengths, challenges, and the infinite potential of your life.

Human Design Reading

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Let's align your ambitions with who you are, authentically. 

And hey, if Human Design isn’t really your thing, no worries. We can still leverage my coaching and risk management background to develop a plan to success that’s tailored just for you to ensure every decision and action enriches your life.

I want you to prepare for a holistic transformation that illuminates your gifts and blessings! 

I want to help you create a life that feels as good as it looks!

Created especially for high-achieving women who struggle with perfectionism, constantly push past their limits, and really need to secure their own oxygen mask before helping others. One of the goals of an Alignment Audit is to help you recognize that embracing your soft power and being kinder to yourself is NOT a sign of weakness, but a formidable strength — AND your divine right! These coaching sessions will help you balance your persistent drive with the peace and satisfaction you absolutely deserve. 

In our sessions, we'll work on enhancing your self-awareness and increasing your self-confidence. Both will empower you to make choices that push your professional and personal life forward.
At the heart of our work, we'll apply your unique Human Design, incorporating your unique gifts and talents, to perfectly align your everyday actions with your natural strengths and energy flow. 

3 and 6 month 1:1 Coaching 

The Alignment Audit

 – Nicole H

Her insights helped me reframe what I previously saw as weaknesses, which was incredibly validating and inspiring. I had been unaware of the potential in my gates and centers for so long, I couldn’t see them as the gifts they truly are. Alexis offered me a glimpse of my highest self in a way no one else ever has. I am eternally grateful for this profound perspective shift, and I suspect the impact of our conversation will resonate with me for many years to come. 

"Alexis illuminated so many gifts I hadn’t recognized in myself before. 

 – Sara Jean Z

Her ability to decode the complex layers of my chart was not only eye-opening but also humbling. Having my chart read by Alexis was a game-changer; it helped me feel more aligned and oriented on my life's path. Alexis's calm and affable demeanor made it easy for me to open up and truly absorb her insights. I highly recommend getting a Human Design reading from her—you won't regret it!"

"Wow! Alexis is a naturally gifted Human Design reader."

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I want you to achieve the joy of being aligned with your authentic design.