Are you ready to liberate yourself by embracing your soft power and being more authentic in your high-achieving life?

The Alignment Audit

As a high-functioning black woman, I push myself to excel in everything, which often spirals into burnout and stress thanks to those sky-high expectations.

In spaces where diversity feels more like a checkbox than a reality, showing my true self becomes a battle, leaving me more frustrated than fulfilled.

Balancing a demanding career with my personal and family commitments is a constant juggling act that often ends with me feeling guilty and stretched too thin.

After collecting a mountain of self-help resources and applying quick band-aid solutions that never really hit the mark, I’m naturally skeptical about what coaching can actually bring to the table.

 If so, you’re certainly not alone. 

Feeling any of these?

Be Unapologetically You: Together, we'll explore ways you can confidently showcase who you really are, even in spaces that might not fully appreciate your uniquene

Real Solutions, Not Quick Fixes: Get ready to see what effective coaching can really do. Let me help guide you past any skepticism with personalized and insightful guidance. We will address the root causes of your challenges to offer real, lasting change.

Ease the Pressure: Imagine easing up on that constant push to excel. We’ll focus on setting realistic goals and creating boundaries that allow you to breathe easier and keep your energy high. It’s all about working smarter, not harder.

Find Your Sweet Spot: Learn how to integrate the demands of your career with your personal and family commitments without the guilt. We'll find personalized strategies that work to make room for all aspects of your life. The goal is for you to feel fulfilled, not frazzled.  

 what if you could … 

Now, picture this—



Designed specifically for high-achieving women like you, who deal with the pressures of overachievement while striving to stay true to themselves. I offer a personalized coaching curriculum that not only aligns your aspirations and unique gifts based on your Human Design. A choice between a 3-month or 6-month commitment is offered, allowing you to choose your pace and depth.


The Alignment Audit


"Her wisdom has helped me better understand the ebbs and flows of my energy, enabling me to build my lifestyle around my natural rhythms. She makes Human Design easy to understand and provides practical ways to apply it. Please do not hesitate to book a session with her—I continue to reap the benefits of her skillset and willingness to share it." 

 Beverly A

"Alexis is an absolute gem! She taught me a great deal about myself and was an amazing mentor and coach. Alexis is amazing at truly understanding what a person needs and how to aid them in getting there." 


Apart from bi-monthly coaching calls, you will have access to a private messaging channel on the Practice app, ensuring that you receive support and can continue your growth between our sessions. This platform allows ongoing dialogue, quick check-ins, and sharing of resources that enhance your learning and development.

Continues Support via Practice App

Let’s team up to build strategies that help you confidently show the real you, even in places where diversity isn’t fully embraced. We’ll work on boosting your self-esteem, strengthening your assertiveness, and developing techniques that let you celebrate your unique gifts in all areas of your life.

Authentic Self-Expression

Human Design is a comprehensive framework that combines ancient wisdom with modern science to reveal your unique energy blueprint. When Human Design principles are incorporated into alignment coaching, it creates a powerful framework for personal growth and self-awareness.  This personalized approach helps you handle life's challenges more effectively by aligning your actions with your natural tendencies and rhythms. You'll experience reduced stress and increased fulfillment as you learn to live in sync with your true self, making choices that resonate deeply with who you are.  Utilizing Human Design in Alignment Coaching not only enhances personal and professional relationships but also significantly improves your overall well-being.

Human Design Reading 

We will connect for two 60 minute Zoom coaching sessions per month including an initial 90-minute discovery call. These sessions are your safe space to thoroughly discuss your personal and professional challenges, providing you with the space and support to explore and resolve deep-rooted issues related to stress, burnout, and identity.

Zoom Sessions

1:1 Coaching includes:  

Grasp the root causes of your stress and burnout, understanding the pressures that detract from your well-being and how to manage them effectively.

Learn to harmonize your high-functioning capabilities with self-care, ensuring that your drive for success enhances rather than exhausts your life.

We can use insights from your Human Design to optimize your daily activities and interactions while establishing a routine that respects your natural rhythms and energy flows.

Achieve a more balanced and fulfilling life, one that celebrates both your achievements and your unique identity.

Have a clear vision of your personal and professional path, fully aware of your strengths and how they contribute uniquely to the world around you.

Learn to give yourself grace instead of always pushing so hard. Embracing your 'soft power' and treating yourself with kindness is a superpower that you, as a high-achieving woman, must claim.

By the time you finish this program, you’ll:

It’s time to Audit your Alignment

Begin Alignment Coaching Today

In our coaching sessions, I focus on enhancing your self-confidence and deepening your self-awareness, empowering you to recognize and value your natural strengths and capabilities. We will uncover the specific qualities that make you exceptional and devise strategies to assertively express your authentic self in all aspects of life. 

Self-Confidence and Self-Awareness

I emphasize self-care as a foundational element of success for high-achieving women. Together, we explore personalized methods that flow effortlessly into your daily routine to enhance your well-being while supporting your ambitions. I help you create a self-care plan that nurtures your physical and emotional health while increasing your capacity to thrive in demanding environments.

Prioritizing Self-Care

Unlike one-size-fits-all approaches, my coaching sessions delve deep into your individual preferences, circumstances, and Human Design. True growth and understanding come from recognizing and nurturing your distinct gifts, strengths, traits, and needs. By focusing on personalized guidance, I will help you tackle your specific obstacles while aligning with the person you were born to be. 

Personalized Solutions 

We will also cover: 

While there are overlaps, each of these modalities has distinct approaches. Therapy primarily focuses on addressing past issues and healing old wounds. Consulting and mentorship involve relying on subject matter experts to solve specific problems (like a resume review during a career transition) or to provide advice (such as how to apply for grants). Coaching, on the other hand, centers on developing present awareness and applying insights toward future aspirations. As a coach, I support you in tapping into your own knowledge and abilities to achieve your goals.

How is coaching different from therapy, consulting, or mentorship?

Absolutely! I love connecting with anyone in need of support. If my story and approach resonates with you, I encourage you to schedule a clarity call.

Do you work with clients who are not Black women?

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